Friday, January 1, 2016

The Martian Anthology

Now Available: The Martian Anthology.  Just likes it sounds, it's about Mars and Martians.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Heat of the Midday Sun

Heat of the Midday Sun is a new anthology from Science Fiction Trails

There are all kinds of heat.  Heat searing down on a witch on the Great Plains.  Heat as a Native American gunfighter takes on Chinese assassins with magical powers in an extraordinary supernatural gun fight.  Heat as the ghosts in a haunted town enjoy hanging soldiers. Heat as Pinkerton men hunt down a fugitive on the Mexican border–but who's their client?  Sizzling stories of the weird west by David Boop, Joel Jenkins, Lyn McConchie, John Howard, C. J. Killmer, Sam Kepfield, Laura Givens, J. A. Campbell & more.


Six Guns Straight From Hell 2

Saddle up for a wild ride through the Old West You’ll find a wide variety of western horror and dark fantasy in these pages. One story skirts modern times as it tries to deal with ghosts of the Civil War. Another has an African tie-in to an Arizona adventure. There’s a haunted mine, complete with a very unusual ghost hunter. There are plenty of vampires. Need gunfights? We’ve got ’em, including Joel Jenkins’ popular Native American gunfighter, Lone Crow. Also featuring stories from Kenneth W. Cain, J. A. Campbell, Vivian Caethe, Sam Knight, Kit Volker, Jason Andrew, Dakota Brown and David Boop.


ISBN-10: 0692277927
ISBN-13: 978-0692277928